Philmont 2022

Expedition (Crew 1): 704-M-01
Trek (Crew 1): 30
Trek Map:
Expedition (Crew 2): 704-M-02
Trek (Crew 2): 24
Trek Map:
Unit: Troop 75
Dates: 07/02/22 – 07/17/22
Elevation: 7,290 ft to 12,441 ft (Mt. Baldy)
Location: Philmont Scout Ranch, 17 Deer Run Rd., Cimarron NM 87714
Resource: Itineries to come (2022)
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On the trip to and from Philmont some meals will be provided by the Troop and some will need to be covered by the scouts and their families.

A spreadsheet will be provided which gives a general guide of what to expect in terms of costs for items. It includes food on the train, some extra expenditures as well as purchasing memorabilia. Remember that this is being provided as a guide and for memorabilia, this could vary greatly depending on you and your scout. For train food, we’ve included two menus, one for the Cafe and one for the Dining Car to give you an idea on pricing.

If you have any questions, please ask Damian Scoles for clarification.

Philmont 24 Hour Emergency Number – 575-376-2281
Telephone calls to any of your group should be restricted to extreme emergencies only! Since Philmont comprises 215 square miles of rugged mountain wilderness, it can require several hours (or even days) to transport a participant from some camp to return an emergency phone call. If this becomes necessary, it will speed contact when the caller has the full name and expedition number TBD of the person being contacted.
Emergency Transportation
Philmont will assist with transportation arrangements when a family emergency (death or serious illiness) occurs during an Expedition requiring a participant to return home or if a participant must return home for medical reasons. Be aware that transportation to airports may not be available at short notice and there could be delays before a participant is able to depart Philmont and arrive at an airport. Participants must reimburse Philmont for any transportation services provided, including transportation to a required airport.
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Campers and Advisors are covered while at Philmont and while traveling to and from, by a plan through Health Special Risk, Inc.
Philmont Summer Participant Mailing Address:
Name, (Expedition number)
47 Caballo Rd
Cimarron, NM 87714
Amtrak Information

To Philmont
Departure: July 2 @ 3:23 PM from the downtown Naperville train station [AMTRAK]
Arrival: July 3 @ 10:25 AM at the Raton, NM train station [AMTRAK]
** Take the bus from Raton to Philmont Base Camp and spend two nights in the base camp
** Depart Philmont via bus to Raton

To Naperville
Departure: July 16 @ 4:42 PM from the Raton, NM train station [AMTRAK]
Arrive in Naperville: July 17 @ 2:00 PM at the downtown Naperville train station [AMTRAK]