Silver Acorn / Golden Feather

In 2022, the Three Fires Council revamped their awards and this is now known as the Golden Feather Award. Any Awardee after 2021 is the recipient of this newer award.

Each Unit in our district is strongly encouraged to submit a nomination for this special award. It is intended to recognize a volunteer who has helped assure his/her unit’s success through their tireless effort and commitment. The recipient should have a minimum continuous tenure of one year as a fully trained, registered adult volunteer in a chartered Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, Ship, or District unit. He/she must be actively involved in their unit, showed support for the values of Scouting in appearance and actions, demonstrated a willingness to help Scouts and Scouters gain leadership skills, and has expressed a desire to continue in the Scouting program. One nomination per unit per calendar year. Presentations are made at the annual adult dinner.

This award dates back to the 1980s when an Illinois District Scouter passed away. His wish was to recognize volunteers in the various units for their services to Scouting. We continue this tradition in his honor.

Year Recipients
2022 Dan Laverty and Steve Fleming
2018 Tom Cassidy and Mark Riebe
2017 Mike Marcotte and Jeff Rustemeyer
2016 Bonnie Rogers & Teri Ford
2015 John Lindell & Aimee Caton
2014 Ed Hurst & Kurt Clements
2013 John Boyle & Donna Wandke
2012 Mark Klimek
2011 Josilyn Klimek
2010 Joan Hurst
2009 Scott Keeve
2008 Vinton Trowbridge
2007 Kathy & Tom Meyers
2006 Jill Holman
2005 Rick Huber
2004 Rob Fischer
1998 Vince Engen