2022 Summer Camp Blog

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Sunday, July 10, 2022
We all arrived together at 2 o’clock after a filling stop at the West Bend Pizza Ranch! We are in the Windy Ridge campsite which is spacious and clean and very centrally located. For the first time in my memory, we had a 100% success rate on the BSA swim test. Every Troop 75 scout who attempted the test, passed! Great job kids!

We did suffer through some rain during the opening fire program but the weather still looks really good. First-day Scout shout-outs go to Samuel L. for fighting through some early adversary and coming back strong this morning! Also big thanks to Aidan M. for stepping up as a fill-in SPL (Desmond is with our Philmont crew) and doing a great job! Further props for using his creative dance moves to get us first in line at breakfast!!

Keep our Troop in your thoughts and hearts today as they move into their merit badge work!

More updates to follow.
Monday, July 11, 2022
Our summer camp crew worked through their first day of merit badge classes with great success. We weathered another flash thunderstorm that wrecked a couple of tents. But everyone pulled together to replace some poles and get everything set up again in no time.

The big excitement of the day was a massive camp-wide relay race! Each Troop was issued a bottled soda as a baton that had to be run across the camp and carried through various obstacles and events. And then chugged at the finish line by your troops SPL. Monday shout-outs go to Tate C. who is taking a very challenging small boat sailing merit badge. His boat flipped in the lake and he and his partner were able to right the ship on day one. Impressive work Tate!

Also, shout out to Troop 75’s spirit. Witnessing the troop’s enthusiasm and support for one another during the relay was truly heartwarming. We didn’t win, we didn’t even place. But everyone worked together and was supporting everyone else. That’s what scouting is about.
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Troop 75 had a full busy day yesterday. Merit badge work continues at breakneck speed where our scouts are standing out, particularly in the lake. We are all working towards some camp-wide awards as well, both individually and as a Troop. The food at this camp has been surprisingly good. The kids and adults have eaten well. The adults were invited to a private meal last night that was fine, only to come back and be told by the scouts that the pot roast served to them was the best meal yet! We had a disappointing star walk on a cloudy night but it was still nice to be out together in the night air. Shoutouts go to Aidan S. who is truly standing out in both swimming and archery. Making 75 look good! Also the envy of the camp leading in care packages so far!

Also, shout out to Owen W. who has been pitching in to help everywhere. He competed in multiple events in the relay night before last and stepped in to get a roaring fire going last night despite a constant drizzle of rain. I will also add that Scoutmaster Jones and Samuel were the only two to stick all three tomahawks at the Tomahawk throwing station. We are in camp cooking today where we will make our own breakfast and dinner on site. Ready for another big day of adventure!
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Wednesday was another busy fun day! It was our patrol method cooking day. We made breakfast and dinner at our site and had to feed a few members of the staff as well. Pancakes and sausage were served up for breakfast while chicken tacos were the meal for dinner. There was not an organized evening program last night so our scouts got lots of extra time at the shooting and archery range. Some marksmen are really emerging from this troop.

All the adult leaders are on pace to earn achievement awards as well as both our patrols and most of our attendees. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and we all gathered around the campfire at our site well into the night. But I have to say it was cold overnight. Temp hit 51!

Wednesday shout-outs go to our three narwhals, Sophia B., Lily J., and Janelle W. These Pioneers are the first girls we have ever brought to camp. Not only are they hanging, but they are thriving! Each one excelling in their merit badge classes and mixing it up at all camp activities. They have been a great addition to this Troop. I can’t speak enough about the level of camaraderie and togetherness that I’ve witnessed at this camp. Games, stories, and lots of laughter. It’s been a really good camp.
Thursday, July 14, 2022
It took us until Thursday to get an entire day with no rain but it was worth the wait. Yesterday was beautiful and much was accomplished. A few kids have finished up some of their merit badges and are moving on to try and squeeze another one in. I’m so excited to announce that both of our patrols earned the Baden Powell award at camp this week!  This is a multi-step award that everyone had to pitch in and do their part to accomplish while working on their own individual advancements and badges. I could not be prouder of the Scouts. Multiple scouts and leaders have earned individual achievement awards as well.

Last night’s camp’s activity was a lakefront competition where Troop 75 came in third place and earned a new ribbon for our Troop flag! Big thanks to Sophie for volunteering to be the “sea monster” and getting draped with seaweed! Shoutouts for yesterday go to Dhruva for leading by example and not hesitating to pitch in and help and Logan B. for stepping out of his comfort zone this week. Trying new things and sharing some of his interests and knowledge with scouts and leaders.

Wish our kids luck today as they finish up merit badges and take final tests while dodging scattered thunderstorms and rain!
Friday, July 15, 2022
Alex’s day started at 530 AM where he took first place on the mile swim!! The rest of us woke up to the worst rain of the week. Our first two classes were washed out. Which meant that all the final evaluations for merit classes in those classes had to be squeezed in throughout the rest of the day as scouts could. With hustle and helpful staff we were able to finish all classes.

After a long day of hard work we all met at the camp wide closing fire. Troop 75 stole the show! Camp wide there were six adult leader volunteer patches handing out, Troop 75 won 5 of them. There were 12 Scout passport to adventure awards handed out and 75 won 10 of those!

The fun continued back at our own site and fire where the scouts and leaders sung songs and told stories into the night.
Again I cannot overstate what a nice camp this was. Because of Philmont happening at the same time almost every scout on this trip is between 12 and 14. Maybe it was that closeness in age or just the right combination of personalities, but it was a great mix. You don’t see many Boy Scout troops sitting around a fire singing together. It was really nice to see.
Saturday, July 16, 2022
It’s Saturday morning and we are sitting down for breakfast before the return home. Yesterday was another jammed full day. We should be pulling out of camp by around 10 o’clock. Our plan is to stop at the world famous Mars Cheese Castle for lunch. With a tentative home arrival around 1:30. I will send out an update when we leave the cheese castle with the more firm arrival time.

It’s been a fantastic week but everybody’s ready to get home, see their family and sleep in there own dry bed!
See you soon!!