2017 Summer Camp Blog

Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Out First Day at Camp

Today we arrived around 1 PM at Canyon Camp. After some initial orientation with our Camp Guides, the troop took a group picture by the Camp Office.

After the group photo, the scouts and adults were all checked into the medical office. The scouts then went through a swim check. For the rest of the day we received a full orientation, tour of the camp, setup camp, ate dinner in the hall (with singing!) and enjoyed an evening campfire full of jokes and skits.
Monday, July 17, 2017
Today was everyone’s first day to work on merit badges which means they were at the archery or shooting range, orienteering, lakefront, STEM, nature center, scout craft, Canyon Rangers and a lot more! Here are some random pictures from our first full day:
After campfire we retired to our campsite where the scouts just relaxed by playing cards, talking , etc.
At the end of the day the kids headed off the various camp stations that were open for an hour after dinner. In addition to the regular merit badge stations the scouts were able to participate in ziplining, paintball shooting (at targets!), 3D archery shooting and more.
At night, about half the scouts went on an Astronomy hike on a ridge in the campground to see the stars. Then the scouts turned in for the night.
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
For lunch the scouts cooked Lunch and Dinner at the campsite – Hot Dogs for lunch and Chicken Fajitas for Dinner.

After dinner the boys were hanging out at camp, went to play ultimate Frisbee and generally enjoyed their free time in camp.
The troop ended the day with Vespers which was led by some of the camp guides. Our scouts enjoyed participating in the event.
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Tonight was the family night and we had 25 folks come to camp. There was a line of heavy thunderstorms and all campers and family members safely spent 60-90 minutes in the dining hall. Everyone is safe and sound, and back in camp. Sounds like the same line went through Naperville approximately 3 hours later – so I wanted everyone to know that we are safe.

Below we have the sky after the first wave of rain passed by, followed by scouts enjoying themselves inside the mess hall for skits.
Below some more kids are enjoying family night inside, Mr. Marcotte is really enjoying the skits, and four scouts waiting for paintball during the day.
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Additional Update – The rain came and went for much of Wednesday night and Thursday morning. All of us are safe and sound, but just a bit tired. At approximately 4:00am – we trekked from our campsite to the dining hall due to the weather – but the boys were all super-troopers stomping through the mud! We have a sunny day to get some gear dried out.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are back in the swing of a normal day at Camp.

More From Thursday

The rains ended on Thursday morning before we woke up for the day. But the camp was a bit soggy – and the creek was a bit too wide for the bridge leading to the shooting sports and climbing activities. During merit badge time, the counselors attempted to shuffle the schedule in hopes of the creek receding by Friday.

Kids and parents made the best of the situation by spending a lot of time at the pool. During evening hours – troop 75 took first and second place in the water basketball tournament – and Tyler Constantine, Benjamin Nagle, Alan Wandke, Sean Brennan, and Drew Knapp played on the winning team – and almost beat the counselors (one of which is 6’8″ tall).

We finished the day with cobblers and an in-camp site Troop 75 campfire – with 5-6 skits and 5 cobblers.
Watching the water basketball game.       Cooling off during the heat               Trail up to the campsite
Friday, July 21, 2017
It is just past midnight on Saturday June 22nd.

We have been under the safe cover of the dining hall since 6pm and everyone is safe from the weather. The staff have bent over backwards to keep everyone comfortable. We have very limited coverage and only in camp as it is on top of a hill. The boys are doing well and have been real troopers.

We are currently estimating arriving back at the church between 1130am to 1230pm. We will do our best to keep you informed of our departure from camp and when we are about 30 minutes out.
Saturday, July 22, 2017
Good morning all,
Everyone is doing well and about to enjoy breakfast. With the light of day and initial inspection of the roads, camp has let us know we will be delayed departing due to downed trees across our path and awaiting flood waters to recede. Phone reception is very limited so if you need to get as hold of us, please text/email Brian or myself.

We will update as we have more information to share.

Update 10 AM

Boys are doing fine and packing up their gear so they are ready to leave when the water levels drop.

Update 11:15 AM
We’re now back in camp and packing up. So far we know there is significant impact on the bridges in the area and still high water along with downed trees on roadway. The camp and state crews are working quickly to open up a path out. The boys are finishing getting camp closed out then will have lunch and a camp Court of Honor while waiting for the all clear to leave.
We have ample seat capacity for the trip home.
We hope to be on the road by 2pm and back at church closer to 5pm.
We will update once we have the all clear.
Everyone is doing fine and in good spirits.
Update At 2 PM

From camp – they were told to wait another hour before leaving.
Update At 3 PM

Troop 75 is on its way back now.

Road repairs finished and just got all clear – heading out. Should be back to church between 5:45pm – 6:30pm. Will update down the road.
Flood Pictures – Near Camp